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A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

Often used in marketing speak, this phrase illustrates the need for good images to sell any product or service. The best way to sell anything is to give it the space and opportunity to sell itself. A well-constructed image showing a product at its best, will sell infinitely more units than any clever description.

This is one of the worst kept secrets in web design, which is why e-commerce websites are image driven.


Wotht It's Weight In Gold

Pictures have the power to create an emotional response in the audience, and this is worth its weight in gold. An image can also communicate instantly, as our brain can interpret pictures much quicker than text. They can give depth and context to a description, a testimonial or story and provide a much more immersive experience than writing alone.

It’s Vital To Get It Right

A great website design can rise or fall on the quality of the images it contains, which is why it’s vital to get it right.

Images can also be used to educate. The number of how-to guides and videos that appear in web designs now backs up this assertion.

Great Quality Leads To Great Sales

A good image can show someone what to do instantly, clarify problems with a single shot and remove potential barriers to ownership of the product in question.

Websites that use images well can sell a lifestyle, an ideal, a dream. Great quality images can sell the unique features in an instant and provide clear and accurate information on the product or service. Having well-shot, clear images is the single best way of selling from a distance.

We know that selling on the internet is difficult at times because the buyers can’t touch the product, so images go a long way to overcoming that.

As a commercial business photographer I can deliver those images for you.

I have worked with such business as, Surf Snowdonia, Grape To Glass, The Bridge Hotel, The Surf Boardroom, Kate Hamilton-Hunter Yoga, B.R Architecture, Eat Fit Cafe, The Groes Inn and the Conwy Festival.


“Desh was the principal photographer for our Electric Wave festival, held at Surf Snowdonia in 2018. This is the largest festival that we hold each year and involves three individual stages, several F&B sites and a range of artists from local DJ’s to international selling artists. At all times Desh was great to work with. His nature is one of a relaxed persona, but don’t be fooled, he is a real lensman with a keen eye for the money shot. Not only did the photos from the festival accurately reflect what an amazing festival it was, but he then went above and beyond to turn the images around quickly so that we could share on our various social channels (an absolute must in this day and age).”

Justin Everley

Commercial Director, Adventure Parc Snowdonia (formally Surf Snowdonia).

This mans work is world class, the attention to detail and ability to think out the box unchallengeable. Just take a look for yourself!

Tim Watson

Owner, Grape To Glass


Please look through my gallery and drop me an email or phone call to discuss your personnel needs and the ideas you have for the photography on your special day.

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