A few weeks back I had the great pleasure of spending an evening down at the picturesque Hafod Farm Wedding venue, with owners Joanne and Pete and their beautiful daughter Mahi, taking photos for their new wedding brochure.

Hafod Farm is located in the heart of the Conwy Valley in the Snowdonia National Park.  Surrounded by stunning scenery, the farm is set in the ideal location for the most perfect country wedding.

I have included some of my favourite photos from that evening in this blog and hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did taking them. The barn was filled with candles, the woodland was brimming with wild flowers and the views of the Conwy Valley created the perfect backdrop for this photo-shoot.

2020 has, so far, been a year that no one can really believe is actually happening!! But happening it is, and it’s impact on the wedding industry, like a lot of other industries has been devastating. Hafod Farm has postponed most weddings to 2021 and as a wedding photographer it has impacted me as well, with all my wedding in 2020 being cancelled and moved to 2021.

Fortunately, I have been able to accommodate and re-book them all, but for some brides and grooms, that has not been so easy. So if you are pulling your hair out trying to find a new photographer for your special day or you are just starting to choose for a photographer for your big day, please get in touch and I will do all that I can to accommodate you.

Every wedding is 100% unique! You will have your own take on this timeless tradition, and it is my personal quest to capture your unique day for you. Nothing can prepare you for the many emotions and beautiful moments you will experience on your wedding day and as your wedding photographer it is my mission to capture those moments for you. As you can see in the photos from Hafod Farm, I have developed my style of wedding photography for the last 10 years of looking down a lens for the perfect shot.

My style is low key; I want to tell the story of your special day through imagery, to deliver a photographic story of your special day as it unfolds, memories for you to look back on and keep forever. I cover the essential family formals and gently directed images of the bride and groom, but I love to capture those moments in between, the moments that really tell the story of your day; natural shots of you and your guests, laughter, fun and tears. These moments are golden! And I want to capture them for you so that the memories linger long after your day.

You can check out some more of my wedding photography on this link https://deshkapur.com/wedding-photography-north-wales/

Thanks everyone and please stay safe Desh xx

Hafod Farm

A Testimonial from Tom Finch

A Testimonial from Tom Finch

So you’re getting married. “ng fair and all the potential cake makers and venue dressers try to wow you with their colourful brochures and free food. It’s all coming into place. Then it hits you, just like it did with me. The photos. Who to choose? What’s my budget? Where do i begin?
Well all these wedding fairs you attend always have them. Your bog standard photographer. Yes he looks suave and sophisticated. He has a large portfolio. And he has some nice photos. But as you flick through the pages of the albums, you see a familiar pattern. Every wedding is the same. The same photos. The same wedding performed over and over again with a different bride and groom every time. But the photos are all the same. Cliche shots, the same put on smiles. Everyone smiling for the camera and posing.

To be honest, its not natural. It’s like its all scripted. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that if you want to have photos of your day, you want to see fun, comedy and natural smiles. The unseen, captured. The natural beauty seen at its fullest. And certainly no photoshopping.
So i attended fairs. I spoke to the smooth talking photographers. I stared at the uniform photos and fake smiles. I even faked my own smiles when they told me the cost.

When I almost gave up hope and decided to just employ the cheapest one, a friend of mine recommended someone.
Try out Desh Kapur, he said. He’s on facebook. Just look at his portfolio. Intrigued, I brought out my phone and searched for him. Immediately I saw photos of some of the most famous musicians alive today looking better in an image than they do in real life.
As I scrolled through the overwhelming amount of epic photos, I realised Desh was not just a talented photographer, but a passionate one.

Continuing through his portfolio, I saw that not only does he photograph some of the biggest bands in the world, he also takes beautiful portrait pictures, landscapes, and the thing i needed him to do, weddings. Instantly I clicked on the wedding page to find my perfect wedding. It was at the venue I’d chosen. Seeing it all dressed up nicely and watching the guests have fun made me feel like I was there. I knew these were the kind of memories I’d want forever.
So I took the leap and got in touch with Desh and invited him to meet us at home to get to know him and for him to get to know us. After the initial meeting, he knew what we wanted and assured us on how relaxed the day will be. We felt confident with our decision and when we discussed the budget, we were pleasantly surprised.
As time went on, we had more meetings with Desh and his assistant, at home, at the venue and over a drink. The pressure to make sure the day was perfect felt less and less with every meeting.
We discussed things like, what if its raining? How can we have great pics when we’re soaking wet? The reassurances were there all the time. Desh was a man full of great ideas. So what if it rains, bring a brolly and some wellies. The image that cropped up in my head of my wife and I walking through a field in a pair of wellies made me laugh.
We both felt at ease. So we organised the events of the day, so Desh knew where to be and at what time.

The weeks passed by and left days. Then the days passed and the big day arrived. The stress creeped in. Traffic was everywhere. Schedules were getting messed up, but Desh was there. Everywhere we’d needed him, he was there, on time, every time.
The camera came out and the snapping began, never feeling intrusive. As I started to relax more and more into the day, I could hear the shutter clicking and the future memories being stored away on a memory card, but i never felt uncomfortable. A few candid shots later and Desh was gone. Off to the wife to take her pics. Not once did it feel like he was in the way, or in my face.

I headed to the venue, thinking of my wife and wondering how glorious she would look as she came down the aisle.
The time went by in a flash (excuse the pun) and I was stood waiting, watching her walk towards me. The happiest day of my life. I want to remember this forever…

And its done. I’m married to the most beautiful woman alive.
The stress had gone.

I’d seen Desh in the corner of my eye during the service, floating from one position to another, taking a snap and moving on to the next. But he was never really in my sight line.
The day continued, the festivities in full swing, real smiles lit up the venue and Desh seemed to catch every one. Not once did I feel like Desh was there. He’d be in a corner somewhere observing his stage and getting the best pics possible, catching the joy of the day and making the day feel natural.

Ive developed a friendship with Desh throughout the run up to the wedding and afterwards. And after only 3 weeks, my photos, my memories have arrived.

Ive sat down with my wife and gazed into every single photo. Not one felt like I was viewing Mr suave from the wedding fairs portfolio. Every photo was natural. It told a story. It felt like the day was happening again. And now i can relive my wedding day every day.
I urge you now, if you are looking for a wedding photographer, don’t speak to anyone else. Just look at the photos on Desh’s website, give him a call and you too will have the best experience on your special day.