A few weeks back I had the great pleasure of spending an evening down at the picturesque Hafod Farm Wedding venue, with owners Joanne and Pete and their beautiful daughter Mahi, taking photos for their new wedding brochure.

Hafod Farm is located in the heart of the Conwy Valley in the Snowdonia National Park.  Surrounded by stunning scenery, the farm is set in the ideal location for the most perfect country wedding.

I have included some of my favourite photos from that evening in this blog and hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did taking them. The barn was filled with candles, the woodland was brimming with wild flowers and the views of the Conwy Valley created the perfect backdrop for this photo-shoot.

2020 has, so far, been a year that no one can really believe is actually happening!! But happening it is, and it’s impact on the wedding industry, like a lot of other industries has been devastating. Hafod Farm has postponed most weddings to 2021 and as a wedding photographer it has impacted me as well, with all my wedding in 2020 being cancelled and moved to 2021.

Fortunately, I have been able to accommodate and re-book them all, but for some brides and grooms, that has not been so easy. So if you are pulling your hair out trying to find a new photographer for your special day or you are just starting to choose for a photographer for your big day, please get in touch and I will do all that I can to accommodate you.

Every wedding is 100% unique! You will have your own take on this timeless tradition, and it is my personal quest to capture your unique day for you. Nothing can prepare you for the many emotions and beautiful moments you will experience on your wedding day and as your wedding photographer it is my mission to capture those moments for you. As you can see in the photos from Hafod Farm, I have developed my style of wedding photography for the last 10 years of looking down a lens for the perfect shot.

My style is low key; I want to tell the story of your special day through imagery, to deliver a photographic story of your special day as it unfolds, memories for you to look back on and keep forever. I cover the essential family formals and gently directed images of the bride and groom, but I love to capture those moments in between, the moments that really tell the story of your day; natural shots of you and your guests, laughter, fun and tears. These moments are golden! And I want to capture them for you so that the memories linger long after your day.

You can check out some more of my wedding photography on this link https://deshkapur.com/wedding-photography-north-wales/

Thanks everyone and please stay safe Desh xx




I love live music photography, and when I started my journey in this style of photography five years ago, I would never have predicated that I would be photographing the calibre of artists and bands that I get to shoot today. And then have my work published in music magazines and newspapers is a dream come true.

I started out with a bucket list of my music heroes and favourite artists that I hoped to cover one day, and as the years have passed, I have managed to steadily tick off a few, such as LIAM GALLAGHER and many more.

But we are in a very different time right now and one of the casualties of Lockdown is live music, which is fully understandable, but also very sad. Sad for the venues, sad for the artists, sad for concert photographers like myself, sad for music publications and web-sites, and sad for all the fans who love live music please hit the link to help our venues survive this hard time www.saveourvenue.co.uk

So with all that said, I like many photographers right now have been going through my back catalogue of images, mainly out of curiosity and because, well I have the time and you never know what gems you might have missed first time round, please check out my Instagram to see a back catalogue selection of some of my favourite concert images from the start of my career,

Scrolling through hundreds of images of my favourite bands, I had a lightbulb moment.. .How about creating a “Made in Britain” collection?!  So that’s what I have been doing in my Lockdown downtime, and the only place to start was with the mighty mighty Liam Gallagher

So here it is, please hit the link to have a wander through the prints that are for sale. There are a few different images to choose from. I can also do wall canvases, but you will have to email me direct on deshkapur@outlook.com for those sizes and prices, but even if you are only browsing please enjoy and any feedback is always welcome.

Much love and stay safe

Desh xx

My Digital SLR Monthly Interview

My Digital SLR Monthly Interview

A few of years back I did an interview with photography magazine, Digital SLR, who had seen some of my landscape images and had subsequently dropped me an email to arrange a chat. We talked about how beautiful North Wales is, camera equipment and more. Here is a transcript of the interview and some of the landscape shots they published.


Once Desh Kapur finally picked up his first camera, his first shot was a cracker. And things just kept
getting better.

Some photographers confine themselves to singular styles, such as portrait, fashion or landscape, but
DIGITAL SLR reader Desh Kapur is a committed generalist, however you will see from his shots, there is no argument that he is a very gifted landscape photographer.

“I like everything from street photography to portraits, but I am always inspired by my surroundings. I
live in a very beautiful part of North Wales, practically at the base of Snowdon, so I am naturally drawn to shooting the stunning scenery”

Desh insists that North Wales is one of the most varied destinations in the world.

“I’m just drawn to the sea, the lakes, mountains and woodlands. The beauty of the landscape is amazing, you have the most beautiful mountains with their valleys and old cottages, but 20 minutes down the road you will find a lake with amazing reflections, and then another half an hour away, you’ll reach the golden sandy beaches with their glorious sunsets. Whatever sort of landscape you want to photograph North Wales has it”

You might assume that Desh was born and bred in Wales, but he was in fact, born in Manchester,

“My parents moved to Wales when I was 11 years old, but I’ve spent the last 20 or so years living in Australia and have only moved back to Wales in the last few years”

You may also be surprised to learn that he only took up photography a few years ago,

 “I only got into photography when I moved back to Wales. My housemate gave me a camera, but it just sat there for years. Then one day I took it out to a waterfall, to try and get some silky water shots I’d seen online, I searched for tips on Flickr, and I got a cracking shot on my first attempt, I’ve been hooked ever since”

So how does someone go from never having taken a photograph before to shooting stunning Landscapes like this in such a short space of time? Desh is adamant its all in the preparation.

“I always do research to work out what shot I want to take and how to achieve it, I’ll look at other people shots of an area and then go on google maps”

Desh also recces his locations before heading out with all his kit.

“I’ll go out with my mobile phone and takes snaps of the area at certain times of the day, you need to get a feel for what it will look like when you’re there, when and where the sun rises or sets or when the tides will be high or low, there is nothing worse than trekking out to a location, setting up your kit, then coming away without a shot because you haven’t done any pre prep”

This research helps Desh work out exactly what kit he will need for the shoot.

“I always have a clear idea of the shots I want to take before I head out, so I only take out the kit I am going to use. I clean and charge the kit the night before, as well. There have been times when I have been out, with my tripod set up, but it ended up too cold to take the shot. The right clothing is important, one of my best purchase are a pair of fly fishing waders! These allow me to walk anywhere without getting wet, I could be up to my waist in water, snow or mud”

Success-wise Desh is a something of an inspiration, given his short time behind the lens. He has already sold prints around the world, shows images in gallery’s and exhibitions. However, he is not resting on his laurels.

“I still have a long way to go before I will be the photographer I’d like to be. As soon as you think you know it all, you become complacent. So I will keep doing courses, reading books and magazines and always trying new techniques”.

If you would like to purchase prints please click this link

Catfish And The Bottlemen, New Images in Shop and Live in Liverpool Write Up.

Catfish And The Bottlemen, New Images in Shop and Live in Liverpool Write Up.

CATFISH AND THE BOTTLEMEN w/ Twin Atlantic – M&S Bank Arena Liverpool – November 10th 2019

Catfish Rip it Up in Liverpool!! A sold out M&S Bank Arena for, what I would guess should be considered a hometown show for Catfish and The Bottlemen. No easy feet for any band, but even more impressive when you think that the lads from Catfish have been fairly quiet in the UK lately, or that’s the way it seems, especially compared to a year or two back when you couldn’t seem to turn the radio on with out hearing a Catfish tune.

But before I go any further, I have to say as much as I like the band and I really do, I’m still not sure why Liverpool is as near as they seem to come to a hometown gig. A proper home-coming, in my humble opinion, would be North Wales, specifically Llandudno, as that is where this band cut their teeth. That is where their fan base started, and it’s not like there is no venue for them to play. Llandudno has a fantastic seafront theatre, Venue Cymru, which has recently hosted the likes of Noel Gallagher, Stereophonics, The Courteeners, Kasabian and more, and over the next month or so the stage will be graced by the likes of Snow Patrol, Bastille, Paul Weller and Shed Seven, so come on guys, let’s make this happen.

With that grumble out of the way, the atmosphere in Liverpool arena was electric, but before we got to the main course it was time for a little aperitif in the form of Twin Atlantic, an alt rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. After a dirge of singles receiving airplay, and catapulting them to becoming bonafide rock stars, they have been a bit quiet of late. So quite surprising how well they were received by the Catfish fans. They were definitely not here to make up the numbers; they brought their own swagger to the party and the crowd were with them all the way. Playing songs from across all 5 albums, and a couple of new songs for good measure; beautifully crafted lyrics, edgy guitars, soaring vocals and choruses that everyone just wanted to sing along to. Awesome stuff from an awesome band and a great start to what was already looking like a top night.

Then it was time for Catfish and The Bottlemen. Helter Skelter, of Beatles fame, blared from the PA and lead singer Van McCann almost ran on to the stage, and the first thing that struck me is they look like the real thing; a very cool rock band, tight jeans, fitted shirts, Chelsea boots, afro’s and long hair and then they launch into one of the latest singles “Longshot” and you think they really are ‘the real thing’. Then it’s “Kathleen” and “Pacifier” from their debut album, The Balcony, quickly followed by “Soundcheck” from their second album, The Ride. Yes they are the real deal, but don’t get me wrong, they play straight off-the-bat Indie Rock; solid danceable indie, that takes in part Early Artic Monkeys, some Kooks, and lots of The Strokes and there is nothing wrong with that. I love Indie rock and these boys do it f£$king well. “Twice” “Fallout”, and “Anything” follow and then its “Sidetrack” from the new record and now the place is going off, people on shoulders, the crowd belting back the lyrics to the band. Van McCann rips up the stage, throwing himself and his guitar around, at times it seemed almost chaotic, huge anthemic choruses, sonic guitars, and they are so very tight.

Catfish and The Bottlemen put on a blistering, electric live performance tonight and, at times it seemed to be moving at breakneck pace, as the band seemed lost in the music and the show, much like the 13 thousand or so fans that had piled into the Arena. So as the night ends and I walk to my car, it dawns on me that Catfish actually write songs for arenas, and you know what, that’s what they play now, but they should still should do the right thing and play a proper hometown gig.

The Script Write Up and Images in Shop

The Script Write Up and Images in Shop

THE SCRIPT M&S Bank Arena, Liverpool

February 20th 2020

Tonight it’s a sold out M&S Bank Arena for The Script on the opening night of their huge European Arena tour in promotion of their new long player, ‘Sunsets & Full Moons’,

The Script are big, huge in fact and if you don’t believe me these stats will back it up, 6 billion streams, 30 million single sales, 10.8 million album sales, over 12 million monthly Spotify listeners and 1.8 million ticket sales, not bad for an alt-pop trio from Dublin, Ireland.

So as the lights dim Danny O’Donoghue (vocals, piano, guitar), Mark Sheehan (vocals, guitars) and Glen Power (drums) take to the stage and the massive crowd welcome them like long lost heroes, and they kick the night off with “Something Unreal” and the huge radio hit “Superheroes” setting the tone for the night.

The Script will play 20 songs tonight across all there 6 long players, “The Man Who Cant Be Moved”, “For The First Time”, “Hall Of Fame”, “Rain”, “Breakeven” and as the night progresses I start to realize how many off their songs I am familiar with from the radio, TV adds, television programmes and movies, and they jump genres, alt pop, a little rock, hip hop and some quite middle of the road pop, but what is also evident is that they’ve embraced arena status with all the familiar trappings, from confetti cannons and pyro to computer graphics and extended catwalks, even taking to delivering a stripped-down mini-set in the seating area amongst the audience, like being down your local, well….nearly.

So even though I like my music a little more indie, a little more edgy a little more punk and a lot less middle of the road, I do have the ultimate respect for a band like the Script, yes they can be a little clichéd in parts and even a little formulaic if you want, but they write hits, big big hits and they put on a proper live arena show and they are at the top of their game right now, The Script are an admirable live act emotionally, connecting with their audience.

But with all that said the most important thing out of it all, is that everyone in the M&S Bank Arena, both young and old had a brilliant time and that’s where it all starts and ends as far as I am concerned.