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I love live music photography, and when I started my journey in this style of photography five years ago, I would never have predicated that I would be photographing the calibre of artists and bands that I get to shoot today. And then have my work published in music magazines and newspapers is a dream come true.

I started out with a bucket list of my music heroes and favourite artists that I hoped to cover one day, and as the years have passed, I have managed to steadily tick off a few, such as LIAM GALLAGHER and many more.

But we are in a very different time right now and one of the casualties of Lockdown is live music, which is fully understandable, but also very sad. Sad for the venues, sad for the artists, sad for concert photographers like myself, sad for music publications and web-sites, and sad for all the fans who love live music please hit the link to help our venues survive this hard time

So with all that said, I like many photographers right now have been going through my back catalogue of images, mainly out of curiosity and because, well I have the time and you never know what gems you might have missed first time round, please check out my Instagram to see a back catalogue selection of some of my favourite concert images from the start of my career,

Scrolling through hundreds of images of my favourite bands, I had a lightbulb moment.. .How about creating a “Made in Britain” collection?!  So that’s what I have been doing in my Lockdown downtime, and the only place to start was with the mighty mighty Liam Gallagher

So here it is, please hit the link to have a wander through the prints that are for sale. There are a few different images to choose from. I can also do wall canvases, but you will have to email me direct on for those sizes and prices, but even if you are only browsing please enjoy and any feedback is always welcome.

Much love and stay safe

Desh xx